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Habbatus sauda (Black Cumin) and Palm Sugar a Golden Combination Herbs

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Mas Hardi

Gentong Mas The composition contains herbs proven options and benefits:

Composition :

Aren: Arenga pinnata

Jintan Hitam / Habatussauda: Nigella sativa,

Black Pepper: Piper nigrum

Cloves: Sezygium sp

Nutmeg: Myristica fragrans

Cinnamon: Cinamommum sp

Gentong Mas is Palm Sugar and Nigella sativa (black cumin) combination

Gentong Mas herbal ingredients is very beneficial for your health. In addition to other useful materials, Main Ingredients Gentong Mas is Palm Sugar and Nigella sativa (black cumin), which is also known as Black Seed.

Aren sugar obtained from sugar or juice is often referred to as the sap, the male flower stalk that can be tapped when Arenga pinnata at least five years old. Arenga pinnata tree can produce up to age 25 years. But Arenga pinnata achieved the highest productivity at the age of 15-20 years.

Palm Sugar has a very low glycemic index glycemic index of 35 is a measure of how fast food can be converted into glucose. Medical literature states that:

Glycemic index are categorized as follows:

A. High, above 70 is very Prone cause diabetes;

B. Medium, range 55-69;

C. Low, below 55 is safe, even for people with diabetes.

The lower the glycemic index, the more safe for the pancreas. That means Palm Sugar protect from diabetes.

Not only that, Palm Sugar is safe and beneficial for people with Diabetes For comparison: White sugar glycemic index glycemic index is 93 Rice is 92 Palm Sugar glycemic index is 35 Nigella sativa, from which the resulting tree sauda Habbatus oil is a kind of flowering plants all year round.

Initially Nigella Sativa grows wild in countries around the Mediterranean and the countries of southeast Asia. Then he planted widely in north Africa, especially Egypt, Syria and southern Europe at least in Central Asia such as Iran and India.

Nigella Sativa is more recognizable as Jintan Hitam / Habbatus Sauda, has been used since thousands of years ago in the Middle East as an antidote for the nutrients that could increase the body’s defense system. Nigella Sativa not only help reduce the pain immediately, but also increases the body’s immunity in order to ward off disease.

Besides the two main ingredients, Gentong Mas, contain other spices quality and are beneficial to health such as pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. With the right content and the dosage, making herbal ingredients mas barrel is

Very beneficial to health in particular: -

- People with reduced immunity System (Immunity)

- Patients with Epilepsy

- Diabetes Patients

- Patients with Hypertension (High Blood)

- Patients with High Cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia)

- Patients with Ulcer (Gastritis)

- Patients with Uric Acid

- Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Sign in wind.

- Patients with Osteoporosis (porous bone)

- Patients with Asthma – Enhance Sexual Arousal

- Patients with Anemia

- Symptoms of Kidney Patients

- Patients with Insomnia.

- Cough Patients

- People with Cancer

- Patients with Throat Disorders

- Patients with Headache (Headache)

- Patients with Obesity

Gentong Mas

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