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Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Ithaca, NY Company, Bionexus, Introduces First Natural Skin Care Lotion for Dogs Containing Standardized Nigella sativa Extracts

ITHACA, N.Y., April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Linda M. Pacioretty, Bionexus CEO, today announced the national market launch of the Company's first canine product, DogsBestFriend™. This innovative, all natural, skin-care lotion for dogs combines one of the oldest traditional medicines, Nigella sativa seed oils, with the newest extraction technology, supercritical fluid extraction. The result is a breakthrough, natural replacement for hydrocortisone, antihistamines and topical antibiotics powerful enough to help combat dermal inflammation, itching, bacterial and fungal infections and pain, yet safe enough to use on dogs of all ages.

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Bionexus' patent-pending, GellX™ extraction technology and proprietary combination process, produces a healing, moisturizing lotion that contains a unique, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, thymoquinone, retinoids, and mixed tocopherols without the use of toxic chemicals.

"DogsBestFriend is the result of seven years of laboratory studies with thymoquinone and N. sativa extracts," added Dr. John G. Babish, Bionexus' Chairman and Chief Science Officer.

Bionexus became interested in N. sativa while characterizing the anti-inflammatory activity of thymoquinone in several cell-culture systems. In the laboratory, however, commercial sources of N. sativa oil did not reproduce the anti-inflammatory effects of thymoquinone. This inconsistency led to a five-year search for an extraction process that would produce reliably potent, anti-inflammatory extracts from N. sativa seeds. Bionexus' GellX™ patent-pending, nontoxic extraction and recombination technology represents the cumulative efforts of this work.

The national launch of DogsBestFriend follows four-months of test marketing in the northeast. Describing this period, Dr. Pacioretty noted, "Our early clinical testing suggested hot-spot remission could be seen in as little as one day. While this result seemed too good to be expected commercially, our test market customers also noticed the surprisingly rapid relief offered by DogsBestFriend was unlike any product they had previously used." Typical customer comments regarding hot spots included, "...after only two applications, the hot spot was completely dried up," and "My dog has never had a hot spot that she didn't need oral antibiotics to clear up ... THRILLED with this product."

Dog owners also praised DogsBestFriend's anti-itch and moisturizing qualities: "I put it on my girl who had scratched herself raw and it soothed her skin. In a few days her skin was healed up. We love this product."

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About Bionexus

Bionexus® Ltd. utilizes a product development model similar to that of the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on natural ingredients and commercial products for eczema, osteoarthritis, obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans and pets.


Dr. John G. Babish, Chairman


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Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Nigella sativa contain a number of substances important to the human body

Nigella sativa contain a number of substances and volatile oils important to the human body, as well as a number of fixed-interest oils

Chemical analysis has shown to contain the Nigella sativa volatile oil on the material Alnejalon The seeds contain substances once.

SOIL AMENDMENT Nigella sativa used for taste and flavor in many foods, bread and pastries.

Nigella sativa oil is used in the manufacture of some medicines, cough medicines, cough medicines and treatment of diseases of the chest and asthma, which proved the effectiveness of some oils and substances found in Nigella sativa Ktardh expectorant.

Nigella sativa oil diuretic diuretic and menstruation in women, and is generating a discharge of saliva.

Nigella sativa oil is added to coffee and tea at 3 points, where he works intestinal effective analgesic oil repellent and wind intestinal.

Reduce blood pressure and also reduce the speed of the heartbeat.

Eliminate some of the germs in the body and on some fungi.

Treatment of intestinal parasites, and to kill the worms and stomach worms.

Relax the muscles of the intestine.

Strengthen the immune system where Nigella sativa mix with honey.

Nigella sativa Knepth used for decoration, as the beautiful flowers and growth of vegetation

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