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Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

In the treatment of vitiligo

Read in the book of healing in Nigella sativa between experience and evidence

Of the chemical: Abdullah Tayeb

Vitiligo are two types, black and white even if they are of the same type and spread the same way except that the treatment is different in each case

First: Black vitiligo and leprosy

Though a few spread is almost extinct due to the lack or difficulty of finding people with this type of vitiligo

To prepare the medicine we need the following: -

1 -Nigella sativa.

2 – apple cider vinegar.

Method of composition of the medicine: -

Add the vinegar gradually Nigella sativa soft until saturation and then saves the medication for a period not exceeding two days in refrigerator, then, that the validity period does not exceed these two days.

How to use: -

Heal the affected part once a day and must ensure that no displacement of the drug for places bandaged and wrapped in white gauze. And uses the same medicine for the disease leprosy.

Second: Vitiligo White

It is caused by the loss of some body cells to their pigmentation, which is fast proliferation and almost covers the whole body if Matdarkinah.

To prepare the medicine we need for the following: -

- Love Rashad fine.

- Apple cider vinegar.

Composition of the medicine: -

1 – cup of apple cider vinegar added to it carefully and gradually Rashad soft spoon with left hand and right hand while you continue to stir to avoid rapid bloc Rashad while touching of vinegar.

2 – continued well until the mixture begins cohesion.

3 – Lift the spoon that you are the volatility of the mixture with a stop for added guidance.

4 – Keep medication in a cool place or refrigerator is required.

5 – expired medication one week.

How to use: -

Rub the infected at night and leave five minutes to dry on the surface of the body and then covered with gauze until the morning.

The process is repeated daily for ten days

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