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Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010


Diabetes Nutritional Supplements May Help Control Blood Sugar Levels
Dealing with diabetes can be controlled with correct food supplements, with proper diet and regular physical activity.

There are special additions that have been demonstrated in laboratory tests in order to stabilize blood sugar levels. Some of these supplements for diabetes are enzymes that aid digestion or improve glucose metabolism. Others are minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chromium, which are often lacking in the diet are. And other herbs and vegetables.

Herbs and vegetables has long been used by aborigines for the treatment of various diseases and symptoms. Sometimes these drugs are very effective. You can somewhat 'controversial and should not be expected that the position of the modern take drugs, but to integrate them "modern medical treatments. In someCases, people who begin taking herbal remedies are able to reduce their medication, of course, with the advice of his doctor. The herbs and herbal ingredients are included in some supplements for diabetes, because they have been historically used to treat the condition and why the modern evaluation has shown that they are to manage the condition, today may be useful.

Banaba is in some of the best diabetes supplements found. This is a plant that is native to southern Asia and has a history of traditionused to help people control their blood glucose levels. Laboratory tests have shown that lowering Banaba added in the diet of diabetic rats glucose levels in the blood and the leaves seem to contribute to weight loss in obese mice. Studies in 1999 and 2001 found that the extract of Banaba can help control blood sugar levels and possibly help you lose weight. Researchers have suggested that clinical trials that a people "true" that were in order. But clinical are quite expensive and most are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Most pharmaceutical companies have no interest in a natural substance, such as extract of Banaba, because it can not be patented. Therefore, clinical studies have never been, but Banaba extract has been launched in some dietary supplements for the treatment of diabetes were found.

Bitter Melon is another plant that has shown promise in the laboratory. Bitter melon tea is still used today in the Philippines, especially among the poor, in order to maintain control> The levels of blood sugar. In Ayurvedic medicine, practiced throughout the world in India and different countries, it is recommended as one of diabetes, dietary supplements and as a complement to other forms of treatment. Glycemic control should be carefully monitored when diabetic food supplement containing bitter melon in order to avoid a dangerous drop in blood sugar.

Black or Nigella sativa seed extract is used as a cure all in some countries. ModernResearch on black extract in the treatment of diabetes is temporary. But research shows so far that can reduce high blood sugar and increase the antioxidant activity, possibly preventing the complications of uncontrolled diabetes type II. Referred for further and more detailed information about this plant and other natural supplements for diabetes, please visit the Diabetes Information Guide.

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