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Oil Nigella

Annual plant, with branched stem, reaching about 40 cm high. Divided leaves into thin strips. blue or white flowers about 3 cm in diameter, leafy bractéales very divided, the excess length. 5 sepals having the appearance of petals, and unguiculated oval-lanceolate. Numerous stamens 5 carpels in the center, more or less united to spread styles. Fruit globose overcome styles.

The Nigelles owe their black beans generic name derived from the Latin word Niger, designating that color. The epithet damascena probably applies to the appearance of the flower, and bracts, referring to the art of damascene "traditionally practiced in Damascus (Syria), as its name suggests"

Plant known worldwide, used in China, India and the world arabre. Known in France under the name of Niels or nigella or Poivret.
It is found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and is cited in the Koran. Studied by the doctor philisophe Avicenna (Ibn Sina), she is back in fashion after studies in the USA and Germany.

Other names:

"Black cumin"

"Al-sânoudj" in Algeria,

"Habat al-baraka" (blessed seed) in Egypt,

"Al-kamoun" in Libya

"Al-qahta" in Yemen

"Al-shounîz" in Iran

The black cumin oil, an old natural remedy:

The black cumin oil was known in Egypt as a valuable remedy. We know that the Pharaohs were treated by their personal physicians for the diseases most varied with black cumin oil.
At  the opening of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, archaeologists found a vial of black cumin oil, which was probably soften the suffering in the afterlife. Briefs inform us that the black cumin oil exerted its beneficial on Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

(570-632 AD) The Prophet "that prayer and salvation of Allah be upon him," said, "Take care of yourself by using the black seed, is a panacea against all evils except of death. "

In the book of healing the soul, a book written in 10 th century physician and philosopher Ibn Sina, black seed oil is constantly mentioned as a natural remedy because of its varied range.
Gradually, the reputation of black cumin oil is growing because of the excellent results obtained. The black cumin oil is a natural remedy that does not cause undesirable side effects. Its virtue is to stimulate and strengthen the immune system promotes the chance of cure for many diseases. Same representatives of forensics are convinced by the extraordinary effects of black cumin oil.

In recent years, there is the United States the most varied experiments to use black cumin oil in the case of serious illness. Initial results show astonishing progress and confirm the enormous healing potential of the black cumin oil.

Uses of Oil of Nigella

The prophet "that prayer and salvation of Allah be upon him," said

"Take care of yourself by using the black seed, is a panacea against all evils except death."
Praise be to God, we praise Him, ask Him to help us, we ask His forgiveness, and we return to Him and we seek refuge with God against the vices of our souls and against the evils of our actions. Whoever is guided by God, no one astray, and whomsoever He sends astray, no guide. I bear witness that no God but God himself, only he who has no partner, and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger.

we are pleased to present an overview of the qualities and virtues of the black seed that is a sure sign, among many others, the prophecy of our prophet in the medical field. The prophet has indeed taught for over fourteen centuries that "black seed" was a remedy against all evils.

Abu Hurairah says he heard the Prophet say: "Use the black seed in your care, it is a panacea against all evils except death." Modern science certifies the mysterious power of the black seed.

Since the Prophet informed his companions of the medicinal power of the wonderful black seed, the traditionalists have employees, each according to his knowledge, trying to prove that she cared for all ills. Some have come to enumerate certain evils for which the healing effect has been verified. However, this small number does not translate the word "all" used by the Prophet against ailments treated by the black seed. The problem posed by the hadith of the Prophet remained unsolved until the day when God chooses a Muslim doctor residing in USA, Dr. Ahmed El-Qadi, to show that prophecy of our noble prophet. His knowledge of medicine enabled him to see that to have such a power, the black seed had to act positively on an organization's human, he would be interacting with all the evils, and that element here it is the immune system. Indeed, this system has the task of defending the body against all the evils that come to attack.

The study therefore focuses on Dr. immune system. The doctor took a sample of twenty patients. II administration regularly for a few days some of the black seed and found that in a few days, the immune system of people treated with black seed had improved noticeably. He then took two cells of the immune system in the blood, one responsible for strengthening the immune system and the second to neutralize microbes and diseases. His experience allowed him to see that the first cell had improved by 72% and the second by 73%.
This is the gross yield of black seed. Dr. Qadi considered a verse from the Koran was the virtues of honey bees and the desirability of trying to converge the healing power of medicine Koran, honey, and the prophetic medicine, the seed Nigel.

He then tried a preparation of honey and black seed, to which he adds garlic, whose virtues are established, he administered to patients with cancer. The results were stunning: the defensive system of the first cell was improved by 200% and 300% the second.
The results of his experiments were presented to the union of the American Association of Science-bilologico experimental acknowledged the accuracy of the results and forwarded them to the various news agencies worldwide to ensure a great doctor renamed.
Here are some diseases for which treatment with black seed has been successfully completed:

1 - Headache

Ibn al-Qayyim said in the chapter "The prophetic medicine" of his book "The background for the hereafter": "The application of black cumin oil in dressing eliminates the headaches are not accompanied by fever."

A second mode of use: Apply the black cumin oil on the painful and massage. A third: Mix crushed cumin seeds in olive oil and administered by nasal drops of the resulting product.

2 - Migraine hemi-cephalic

Take a small amount of seed cloves crushed, powdered cumin seeds and crushed barley, mix well and knead with honey bee. Apply the mixture on the affected part in the evening until morning, accompanying this process of taking a teaspoon of cumin oil on an empty stomach and this for three days.

3 - Colds

"If the patient is in a jar of black seed regularly pounded it feels, it will be delivered from his cold." (Ibn al-Qayyim in "The background to the Beyond")

Grilled and then looted, and finally mixed with olive oil and then administered nasally as drops, three to four times per day, the patient is thereby cured the common cold with occasional sneezing many.

4 - The toothache, gum, the aluette and throat

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "If the black seed is cooked with vinegar and the patient used in the preparation of the mouthwash, sore teeth produced by the patient's sensitivity to cold then disappears."

Alternate preparation: Boil the black seed and using water from the slurry in mouthwashes and gargles. Spread the cumin oil on the neck and sides of the maxillary teeth side by taking a spoonful of oil Nigel fasting every morning.
5 - dizziness, ear infections and hearing problems

Cons vertigo, it is advisable to massage the temples and nape of black cumin oil.

Otitis cons, it is advisable to put a few drops of oil Nigel properly filtered in the ear.

6 - The evil eye

Apply oil Nigel on the periphery of the eye and blend a few drops of this oil to any hot beverage or to carrot juice and consume the mixture.
7 - The deformation of the casual facies

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "The oil of nigella also corrects deformities of the chin (where the latter tends to lean to one side of the face) by applying and massaging the nose.

8 - In the treatment of insomnia

Take a spoonful of cumin oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with honey bees. 9 - In the treatment of headaches

Take a spoonful of cumin oil mixed with the juice of blackberries.

10 - Treatment of breathlessness and respiratory failure

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "Taking a quantity of nigella seeds mixed with water eliminates shortness of breath and respiratory problems."

11 - Asthma

Boil cumin oil and deep breathing steam from morning and evening by adding a teaspoon of cumin oil crushing and swallowing morning and evening as well, provided this is done before meals. It is also advisable to massage the chest and neck of black cumin oil before bed.

It is generally advisable to consume plenty of cumin oil because it contains the nigella which promotes good breathing properties are known to treat asthma and cough.

12 - heart problems and blood pressure

It is advisable to consume oil Nigel quantity with any hot drink because of its absorption of fat and its power to widen arteries and veins.

13 - Hypertension

Add a few drops to any hot drink and eat.

14 - Lung diseases due to cold

Take a large spoon of cumin oil, mix with water, bring to boil, to inspire the fumes by putting a towel on his head, parallel to an infusion of thyme mixed with the seed powder Nigel where its oil.

15 - The ills of the stomach and intestines

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "the seed of black cumin oil reduces the pain of the stomach.

16 - The sourness

A few drops of black seed oil mixed with hot milk sweetened with honey bees.

17 - Ulcers

Take a spoonful of cumin oil, mixed with a mug of honey bees, add a tablespoon of pomegranate peels gentle mixing consume daily fasting followed by making a glass of milk and unsweetened this for two months.

18 - Crises intestinal

Take equal amounts of aniseed, cumin and mint, stir and boil, sweeten with honey and add to the tea spoon of cumin oil. Eat warm. It is advisable to massage the painful area with black cumin oil.

19 - The ills of the pancreas

Put a pad of candied black seed steeped in olive oil heated on the left side before sleeping. Consuming a parallel glass of tea sweetened with honey, fenugreek and added a tablespoon of cumin oil and this, for fifteen days.

20 - Bloating and gas expulsion

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "The black seed eliminates bloating, clears blocked pipes and dissolved gases.

Put three drops of black seed oil in a cup of coffee or tea and eat.

21 - Nausea and vomiting

A spoonful of pounded cloves, a teaspoon of cumin oil, mixed with a mint tea for three days.

Another method: Boil the black seed and cloves and eat three times a day without sugar.

22 - Diarrhoea

Mix a tablespoon of cumin oil to a glass of yogurt and eat. Repeat treatment

until no diarrhea.

23 - Problems related to the elimination of urine, rules and activity mammary

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "Pile, kneaded with honey and eaten with hot water ... the black seed facilitates the elimination of urine, rules and overcomes the problems of secretion of milk if The mixture is consumed regularly.

Another way: Rub the part above the bladder with black cumin oil consuming in parallel with the infusion of black seed sweetened with honey every night before bed.

24 - Inadequate sexual

Take 200 grams of black cumin seeds well mashed, add 100 grams of crushed male incense, 50 grams of black cumin oil, 50 grams of arugula oil 50 grams of olive oil, 200 grams of honey bee pure. Mix together and use a spoon with every meal. The 120 year old will feel the vitality of a man of 20 years.

25 - Sore back and joints (arthritis)

Slightly warm oil and massaged vigorously Nigel painful area. Also consume a tablespoon of cumin oil three times a day.

26 - The treatment of sprains and bruises

Boil a handful of nigella seeds, immerse the affected limb in water slurry during the quarter hours in the stain gently articulate member. Massage oil then the member Nigel. Do not bandage or shake or wear anything and before sleep.

27 - The reduction of fractures

Take a lentil soup, onion and boiled eggs. Eat well with a spoon full of black seed oil. Massage oil nigella locations near the fracture. Upon cast removal, massage gently to the heated oil Nigel.

28 - The fragility of the bones and the problem of paralysis in children

After removal of the child's clothing in a hot room, biting her whole body spines of fish and then massaged with oil Nigel. Administer three times a day the patient a teaspoon of fish oil.

29 - The fight against hair loss

While massaging the scalp with lemon and let stand for fifteen minutes. Wash with shampoo and then dry. Then apply the black cumin oil on the entire scalp for a week and the hair disappear completely if God wills it.

30 - The treatment of total and partial baldness

A tablespoon of crushed cumin seeds, a coffee cup of vinegar, a teaspoon of garlic juice.

Mix together and apply on the affected area after removing hair and scratching of the patient. Cover with gauze and leave it from morning to night. Then massage oil Nigel for a week.

31 - The treatment of herpes

Apply oil on the affected part nigella daily. It is advisable to repeat the process several times a day.

32 - The treatment of various manifestations of fungal skin

Take a glass of crushed cumin seeds, a glass of apple essence, a glass of black cumin oil. Boil the essence of apple and pour successively crushed cumin seed and oil. Stir until thickened. Apply to the sick for a week.

33 - Treatment of warts

massage oil cumin for a fortnight in applying to take a spoonful of cumin oil three times a day.

34 - Treatment of depigmentation of the skin and scabs

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "Heads and mixed with vinegar and then spread over affected areas of depigmentation or crusts or pillicules, the black seed eradicate evil.

35 - The elimination of acne

Add a glass of black cumin seeds half a glass of pomegranate peel. Mix the whole with a glass of apple essence. Warm temperature bearable and mix the same amount of oil Nigel. Apply on pimples and tuberosities.

36 - Treatment of skin diseases in general

Prepare a mixture of cumin oil, rose oil and wheat flour proportions

2 1 1 respectively. Clean area with a cotton cloth sick of vinegar, smooth it and expose the patient to place the early morning sun. It is advisable to avoid foods causing allergic effects: eggs, fish, mango etc..

37 - Treatment of Eczema

Apply warm oil Nigel on irritated areas.

38 - Treatment of depression

Add five drops of black seed oil to one cup of coffee or tea.

39 - Treatment of localized cancer

Massage three times a day the location of the tumor and take after every meal for three months, a glass of carrot juice mixed with a tablespoon of black cumin oil.

40 - Treatment of Diabetes

A glass of crushed cumin seeds mixed with a tablespoon of finely ground myrrh, half a glass of cress seeds, a glass of pomegranate peel crushed with a glass of crushed seeds of cabbage, a spoonful of bondage mixed with oil Nigel; Eat fasting.

41 - Treatment of obstetric and gynecological problems

Take a spoonful of cumin oil and mix with an infusion of anise sweetened with honey, five times a day for forty days.

It is advisable to use the oil of black cumin with all hot drinks cons obstetric diseases.

42 - Treatment of bad mine

Mix a tablespoon of cumin oil and a tablespoon of olive oil, massage the face with this mixture and let stand for one hour. Wash your face with soap and water.

43 - Development of intelligence and memory improvement

Place a spoonful of cumin oil in a mint tea sweetened with honey. Eat warm.

44 - Treatment of statements of general fatigue

Taken daily on an empty stomach a glass of orange juice mixed with a tablespoon of oil Nigel average for ten days.

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