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Samstag, 9. April 2011



Zaro Agha, the 156-year-old Turk who came out of the ancient East to show the modern world what the oldest living man looks like, fell victim to modernism today [Sept. 26] and is near death. An automobile knocked him down on busy 20th-century Broadway. Physicians say his condition is critical. Agha, who came to the United States several months ago to give scientists an opportunity to marvel at him, was standing on the curb with his great-grandson, who is acting as his manager. An automobile grazed him and knocked him down, his head striking the pavement. He was taken unconscious to a drugstore and then to a hospital. The taxi driver disappeared in traffic.

Zaro Agha worked as a porter, and finally died in an Istanbul hospital on June 29, 1934 at the ripe age of 164. Zaro Ağa reported in his later years that some things that may have been attributed to his long life were habit of eating yogurt, honey and black seeds on a daily basis. Agha also fathered a child at the age of 90.

There are many stories of middle eastern men retaining their vitality and libido into their later years. Habaat Sawda (Black Love, Seed) has been venerated since the ancient times in the land of Egypt and is a vital medical supplement for the majority of Middle Eastern communities.

Despite the lack of clean purified water for the average common person living in the Middle East, many people are able to extend their life's using this ancient medicine that protects the body' s internal organs and promotes overall good health.

Black seed oil in studies has shown to be a highly effective anti aging supplement. Black seed seems to aid longevity and anti aging effects.

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