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Freitag, 8. April 2011

Pain Management Techniques

Pain Management Techniques

By: Jeni Carr

Break Studios Contributing Writer

Learn some very valuable tips about pain management techniques. Pain is a four letter word that is worse than any other word you can imagine. Although, you may just yell those other four letter words trying to handle your chronic pain. Anyone who is in excruciating pain will tell you that the search for anything to stop the pain is worth all the gold in Fort Knox. Learning how to manage your pain does not need to cost a lot of money, but it will take patience, faith and knowledge.

Herbal Medicine Used for Pain Management. Herbal medicines have long been used for pain management. There are herbs that have been used for pain that has been successful in many cases, but not all. Some of the herbs or seeds used mainly are cayenne, turmeric, ginger, willow bark, devil’s claw, feverfew and Boswellia. Many of these herbs are used to reduce inflammation and thus eliminate the pain.

Nigella Sativa Used to Treat Cancer and is a Pain Management Technique. Nigella sativa, also known as black seed, black cumin and kalonji has been proven to kill pancreatic tumors and treat many cancers. Nigella sativa is also used to reduce inflammation and has been used for over 2000 years for the treatment of migraines. Nigella sativa has been used in the treatment of many diseases including cancer, cardiac problems, MS, acne, allergies and arthritis.

EFT Used to Manage Pain Successfully. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques as been used for pain management and disease eradication. EFT is a technique where you tap on nerve pressure points and meditate on power statements. Stating over and over again that you will not allow the pain to rule your life or how you have faith that you will be supreme and successful over this disease. EFT has been used for weight loss to cancer and is a pain management technique to use for sure.

Acupuncture as a Pain Management Technique. Acupuncture is a technique where a specialist inserts tiny needles on areas of the body to treat the ailment. Keep in mind that the underlying ailment must first be treated to rid the body of pain permanently. The Chinese has used acupuncture for thousands of years and the use of herbs is used in conjunction with this pain management technique.

Physical Therapy and or Chiropractic Care. Sometimes a Chiropractor can relieve pain by adjusting the body where needed, such as back and neck injuries. Chiropractors can use heated massage for a pain management technique also for knees, back and other problems.

Medication Used Primarily for Pain Management. Needless to say many people will run to the local doctor and seek a pharmaceutical fix for their pain. Sometimes the medicine has more side effects than what is safe. Always get a second opinion when considering possible addictive medicines.

Natural Anti-Depression Techniques. St. John's Wort is one natural way to treat depression. Some other ways to treat depression is with ginger, Nigella sativa, anise and chamomile. Meditation and believing in a creator has been used to reduce depression also. Try meditating 15 minutes a day.

Psychological Counseling for Pain Management. Now we are not saying you are crazy, but we are saying that many patients have been helped with the help of a Psychologist. A Psychologist may help you handle your destiny and give some important tips on survival. Having a life threatening disease with crippling pain may be too much for some to handle. Before you consider ending your life to avoid the pain, check out help groups and individual counseling.

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